DanÇa Sem Vergonha (Shameless Dance) is a choreographic work by David Marques that navigates various contexts of how and when we dance: the theatrical, the private, the social, the intimate, and the domestic dance we perform in our homes.  David and I collaborated on a piece that was to be shown as an aspect of the full performance.  For this piece I created a video that was intended to reflect the dance at home, out of the public eye.  I installed two single-channel security cameras (one in the kitchen and another in the living room) which recorded for weeks which I then edited and synched the video feeds to show seamless movement between spaces, so the audience could function as the public voyeur of David’s intimate domestic dance on the monitors during the rest of the live performance.


created and danced by David Marques
live DJ set: Joe Delon
space: Tiago Cadete 
video: Diogo Brito
costumes: Tiago Loureiro
external eye: Patrícia Milheiro
technical direction: Gonçalo Alegria
residencies Estúdios: Victor Córdon and EIRA/Teatro da Voz
management and administration: Vítor Alves Brotas
production PARCA with AGÊNCIA 25
co-production: PARCA and EIRA/Festival Cumplicidades